10 easy money saving tips

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There are so many ways to save big and small amounts of money. Here are some tips that could help us save even during hard times.

Reduce the amount you spend on groceries
After planning a budget — people are often surprised to discover how much they actually spend every month at the supermarket. The average British family spends around £60.60 a week on groceries. When walking through those aisles, it’s so easy to grab a bag of branded chocolate chip biscuits here and a few bags of premium crisps there, and after that top it with the exciting goodies at the tills. All those little splurges add up and could result in blowing out the budget every month.

Automatically save your money
The simplest and easiest means of saving is to set up automatic savings – it helps put spare funds out of mind and from our reach. Automatically saving means having a system to save monthly, or at regular intervals. Consider setting up a standing order into a separate savings account.

Try to budget with envelopes
The system of saving with envelopes could be really helpful for someone with potential spending issues because it helps in setting apart the cash they only have the money inside the envelope. And you are aware that once the money is gone, it’s gone.

Power saving
Ensure that heaters or heavy power usage machines that are not used in rooms are turned off, most especially when not at home. Heaters installed next to walls outside are heat wasting. So consider turning radiators off on rooms that are not often used at home. Good for the environment and your pocket!

Cook/eat at home as much as possible
Take your time to prepare a variety of food that can take you for the week. Take a few hours or so during the weekend/weekend to cook so that have options to eat from during the week, saving you time and money.

Buy quality appliances
It is probably best to spend some time while researching when getting a new appliance. A quality product might cost you a little more, but if it lasts for 10+ years, it could save you a whopping sum of money, unlike some low-cost products.

Shop for holidays early
People tend to use this method for Christmas, but it is also works well for most holidays. Go out shopping for things you need for the holiday at least a week after a holiday. This ensures there’s enough time to plan purchase and not panic buy.

Learn to fix items yourself
Fixing items at home is another great way of saving. The internet has made this easier for. Even those with no technical know-how can fix items by watching video tutorials on platforms such as YouTube.

Grow your own veg
If you’ve got a garden, or even if you don’t have a garden and have space for pots, consider planting your own food.  You could be very pleasantly surprised by the results.

Use public transport system
Not only can using public transport save money, it can also save on the stress of driving and all the hustles of the road.

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