3 ways to make money (you may not have considered)

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If you need some extra money this now, you can make some from the comfort of your home with these simple ideas!

From turning your old things into cash, or getting paid for your unused space, make money without any hard labour.

1. Sell old gadgets

Do you have an old phone, tablets or laptop? Is it just gathering dust right now? Well you could get cash from it. A website called Cash In Your Gadgets, for example, they can pick up your gadgets and they will test and pay you once all is working. 

Cash In Your Gadget’s 4 easy steps are:

1. Get an instant, simple, online offer for your item

2. Book a convenient, free, collection any day of the week, from your home or place of work.

3. Full data destruction. All data on the item is permanently removed (overwritten).

4. You get paid the quoted amount, or your item is returned free of charge.

2. Sell clothes and unwanted items

Bored at home? Now is the time to declutter and organise your house and wardrobe.

You can sell these things on Facebook Marketplace, eBay and similar websites. Depending on what you are planning to sell, you could get a few pounds or much more! But be mindful of the charges of some websites like eBay for listing fees and postage & packaging fees.

I know I can sometimes feel like a bit of an ordeal when getting organised and deciding what to sell and what to keep so here is a quick tick list:

  • Go through your belongings and make a separate pile for things to sell
  • Get an idea of what the market rate for your item is. Check out the market place you’re planning to use eg use eBay sold items to see what prices a similar item fetched
  • Take good bright photos to make your item as attractive as possible
  • List your item with at least 5 clear photos. Make sure you describe your item truthfully and give a good level of detail
  • Once the item sale has been agreed, either post the item or arrange for a collection or delivery
  • Done! The buyer will now be able to enjoy your pre-loved item!              

3. Rent out your space

Do you have a driveway and you don’t use? Make money from it! Sign-up to JustPark and people can book your driveway when they need to. It’s like Airbnb for cars. They will take a booking fee, but its good money if you are not using the space.

If you do not own your home, you have to check with the landlord if it’s okay with them. You should also run it by your home insurance.

It’s good to make some cash right now with the economic uncertainty (but hey- when is it not a good time?)

If you want to make a day or weekend of it, maybe consider doing a car boot sale. This is perfect for natural hagglers too as you’ll probably really enjoy it too!

How do you like to make money? Let me know in the comments please.

4 thoughts on “3 ways to make money (you may not have considered)”

  1. I’ve been selling on eBay for years, it’s a great way to make a little extra and de-clutter at the same time!

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