Fancy a free share? No strings!

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Like most people, I love a freebie!

Today I want to tell you about Trading212. They are currently offering a free share for you and for me if you sign up. The value of the share is random but it could be worth up to £100.

I signed up using my sisters link and my free share a (National grid) was worth about £8.50. My sister on the other hand got a free (AstraZeneca) share worth about £85!

Who are Trading212?
Trading212 are one of the UK’s number one trading and investing app. They offer free, zero based commission on trades.

600,000+ people have already joined and these are the benefits:

£0 commission investing
£0 fee Stocks & Shares ISA
4000+ global stocks & ETFs
Fractional shares
No foreign exchange fees
Unlimited instant trades
AutoInvest & Pies

How do you get your free share?
To get your free share, simply click here to sign up.

You will be shown three accounts to choose from – choose the middle option, the INVEST one. Fund your account with at least £1. You will then get your free share within 3 business days.

How much your free share is worth?
It’s random what share you get but it could be worth up to £100!  

How do I sell my free share?
If you want to sell your share, you will need 3 business days to unlock it, then you can then choose to sell it. I am keeping mine to see how it goes.

Refer friends and earn more
If you get your friends and family members to sign up for a free share then you will also be rewarded with another free share – again, worth up to £100.

If you like a freebie too, check out Trading 212 and pick up your free share!

Good luck and let me know what free share you get in the comments x

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