How to deal with being in between jobs

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Being in between jobs is quite common when one job/contract is finished but another job/contract has yet to be confirmed.  Working several part time jobs may be a temporary solution. However, it is probably just a temporary solution as it may not meet all the bills that need paying.

Below are some ideas to keep you busy and to continue to be an attractive candidate for your next role!

Volunteer yourself for relevant events
Consider finding and meeting people in your field- perhaps at relevant events or conferences. Meeting the organisers or attendees of these events will get your mind in shape for that industry and by attending, you are positioning yourself to meet people that may help you get a job. They often say “it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know”.

Monetise your skills
Perhaps you can look to monetise your skill by freelancing in things such as graphics designing, proofreading, article writing, transcribing, to mention but few. You can do these things in the comfort of your home.

Utilising connections and referrals can be a great way of landing an interview. Share your goals and interests with family and friends; they may know someone who can help you with a job. Also, make use of LinkedIn to check for connections of companies you feel interested in and start talking.

Freelancing helps you get additional money to pay the bills while searching for a job. While freelancing, you might even get your dream job, who knows? Recently, people don’t even bother looking for jobs any longer because they make a substantial amount just freelancing in their homes. Check out platforms such as fiverr or upwork to start your freelancing journey.

The beauty of the internet means that you can upskill yourself quite easily. You can go online and take courses relating to your field or those you find relevant. You can even get certificates and qualifications to add to your CV! This will also increase your chance of getting jobs when you go for interviews.

Good luck!

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