Make credit cards work for you

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A credit card is a great way to utilise a credit limit that your card provider offers. The credit limit is exactly that- the highest amount that you can borrow. The card issuer lets you take as much of the available credit as you like at a given time, rather than offering you the entire loan in cash.  

I love credit cards and for various reasons! We can all make our lives a little easier by making credit cards work for us instead of the other way round.

A credit card will work for you in the following ways;

Extra protection!
It’s such an important one too! Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. In the UK, section 75 laws mean that by using a credit card for purchases over £100, if there is a problem with the purchase, you could get your money back.

This came about in the 1970s and it essentially means that the credit card company share the responsibility with the retailer/shop if something goes wrong with the purchase. Eg, if you pay for something costing between £100 and £30,000 on a credit card, the credit card provider is also liable.

If you want extra protection for nothing, start using your credit card for those larger purchases.

Cashback credit cards
Cashback credit cards can also be used to generate money. Different credit card companies offer different packages and they may be tiered too, so shop around for what you’re likely to want to benefit from most. A few provide more rewards when buying specific items, whereas others give benefits when buying nearly any product.

The credit card incentives for cash back vary from lender to lender. The lowest reward is usually 1%, and the highest cashback benefit is 6%.  The purchases of some selected items are generally rewarded by credit card companies and banks. Purchases made at petrol stations, food stores, and drug stores have typically higher cash rewards, ranging from 4 to 6%.

Air miles sometimes serve as the bonus for the credit card user. Most airlines collaborate to offer “Travel Benefits” to customers through credit card organisations.

When applying for credit cards, please do make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Also- make sure that you set up direct debits to pay off the balance.

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